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Wiki Survey

1. The price of gasoline will directly impact the profitability of my business."

Strongly Agree (79) 60%
Somewhat Agree (31) 24%
No Impact (8) 6%
Somewhat Disagree (2) 2%
Strongly Disagree (11) 8%

Wiki Survey

1. In our previous survey, 60% of the respondents “Strongly Agreed” that the price of gasoline impacted the profitability of their businesses.  Have you made adjustments in the pricing of your goods or services to offset the increase in gasoline prices?

Yes (11) 65%
No (6) 35%

Wiki Survey

1. How confident are you about Hawaii economic recovery in 2012?

Very confident (16) 32%
Somewhat confident (13) 26%
About the same as 2011 (14) 28%
Somewhat pessimistic (4) 8%
Very pessimistic (3) 6%

Wiki Survey

1. Will the APEC meeting in November impact your business?

Yes (10) 40%
No (6) 24%
Not Sure (9) 36%

Wiki Survey

1. Annual Dept. of Defense spending in Hawaii is in excess of $2billion. Does your company currently provide goods or services to the federal government?

Yes (4) 14%
No (10) 36%
Not yet (14) 50%


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