Research and Analysis

The Hawai‘i Business Research Library (HBRL) is an economic research and consulting group specializing in  research and business strategy formulation in support of the work of our business advisors.

Businesses, government entities, educators, and non-profit organizations throughout the State have benefited from our highly respected research services. HBRL focuses on providing our clients with credible and objective research to help them make informed and strategic decisions.

Our Services:

  • Market and Feasibility Analyses
    Determining the market acceptance or feasibility of a specific project is essential to make informed business decisions and ensure success. HBRL produces market  studies for business plan development and competitive market positioning . The primary objectives are to assess if the market conditions are suitable for the product or service based on a variety of economic and demographic factors.

  • Business Development Strategies
    Long-term business development planning must consider both the current local environment as well as a vision for future growth and development. HBRL provides analysis on which to base long-term business decisions by identifying the economic potential of a business model, assessing the existing attributes and advantages, evaluating economic and demographic trends, and generating business development strategies.

  • Industry Studies
    An understanding of both the economic trends and qualities necessary to foster growth and development is critical for business attraction and retention efforts aimed at a specific industry. Based on a formal industrial classification or a working definition for a specific industry, HBRL can  analyze the economic impacts of the industry, employment and wage data, location advantages, contributions of major employers, and responses from an employer survey.

  • Workforce Studies
    An important part of understanding a local economy is evaluating the characteristics of the workforce. HBRL can provide information on the mix of jobs, training, education, and skills in a local area and analyzes the ability of the workforce to effectively fill the existing and potential future employment opportunities. In addition, HBRL can evaluate industry staffing patterns, workforce competitiveness, and gaps between business attraction and workforce development efforts.

  • Economic and Demographic Profiles
    A comprehensive collection of the latest and most reliable data enhances economic development and marketing efforts. HBRL produces economic and demographic profiles. The profiles present data and analysis in areas such as population, housing, income, employment, labor force, wages, taxable sales, transportation, quality of life, and utilities.



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