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Small business owners represent the cornerstone of our national and local economy.

They are the primary creators of new jobs, have proven to be leaders in innovation and new technologies and are critical to building and sustaining a healthy and growing economy. There are currently over 22 million small businesses in America – and the number is growing rapidly, with over 800,000 started last year, alone. Small business accounts for 99% of all U.S businesses. It employs 53% of the private work force and contributes over half of the nation’s private gross domestic product.

If you’re a business owner or aspire to become one, the Hawaiʻi SBDC offers you a wide variety of expert services:

  • Financial Performance
    The review and analysis of your financial controls, pricing and accounting practices
  • Business Planning & Strategy
    Making sure you have a sound business plan and competitive position in the marketplace
  • Capital Formation & Funding
    The evaluation of your capital needs, sources of capital and how to prepare your request
  • Market Positioning
    Expand your customer base using cost-effective tactics
  • Growth Strategies
    The evaluation of alternatives to grow your business – new products/services, new locations or new businesses
  • Acquisitions
    Approaches to finding, evaluating and structuring a business or product line
  • Transition to new ownership
    How to maximize the value of your business and exit
  • Commercialization of New Technologies
    From the lab to the market – plan, organize and fund your new enterprise
  • Government Contracting
    Whether a direct supplier of goods or services to the government, or as a subcontractor, the federal government can become your most important customer. Learn how to enter the system.

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